How to Get Stunning Macro Photos with Your Mobile Phone

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram or Flickr and seen an incredible close-up photograph of a flower, insect, or even jewelry, you may have wondered how you can get similar photos, especially if you don’t have a camera. Thankfully, you don’t have to buy a DSLR or expensive macro lens to get these kinds of […]

25 iPhone photography tips

Do you know these 25 iPhone photography tips? iPhone photography is getting more and more popular in 2020, especially after the most recent updated product releases. Whether you have the latest iPhone Pro models or one of the earlier editions (like me!), the most important thing is that you’re taking photos with your smartphone. After […]

10 Tips for Night Shooting with Your Phone

Night photography with your smartphone can be daunting: you’ll face low light, extreme contrast, and pesky camera noise. But luckily, you can creatively work around those limitations to capture beautiful, sometimes beautifully surreal photos of the night. After the sun has set and the city lights come to life, you have a choice: put your […]

How to Choose The Best Tripod For Your Smartphone

Nowadays, you can take amazing shots with a simple smartphone. Smartphone cameras have reached levels comparable to professional cameras in recent years. Now you can get detailed, sharp images at the touch of a button. But if you want to take your photos to the next level, you need a smartphone tripod. It will help you create […]

3 Tips for choosing a phone lens

How to snap like a pro Love taking photos on your phone? Well, you can take even better photos with some advanced lenses. Clip-on lenses let you capture more, get closer, or zoom in like a regular camera. They are an easy fast way to multiply your shooting capabilities. The Different types of smartphone lenses […]

11 Photography tips and tricks for better smartphone photos

– Take better photos using your phone Over the past few years, we’ve seen the compact camera market crash, photo sharing explode and smartphones evolve into the most important cameras around. At the same time, camera performance has evolved into the most important aspect of those phones. It’s not about call clarity, it’s about photo quality. We’re […]